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Harrison Bitsue Sandcast and Spiderwebbed Turquoise Bracelet

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From Harrison~ "My grandfather was Charlie Bitsue. He was always a silversmith, he can be found in some of the early books about Navajo jewelry. Trader C.G. Wallace gave him lots of work, he would make the silver Settings for the Zuni inlayers". Harrison is Hands Down our Favorite Modern SAND CAST Artist. His Jewerly Generates a Resonance of Satisfaction, he uses a Buttery Smooth Technique that makes wearing his pieces a Pleasure. Harrison creates Navajo Jewelry in the style of the 1920's/30's  using the same methods as the early pueblo silversmiths.

Sand Cast bracelets begin as an idea that gets first carved in tufa stone. After the basic design is carved in tufa stone, molten lead is then poured into the carved mold and a lead blank is pulled from the mold (the mold itself is destroyed in the process). That lead blank is Sand cast (a mixture of sand and oil) and a Silver bracelet produced. The bracelet is stamped, adornments are added, a bezel is made and a beautiful, natural turquoise gemstone is added.

Designed in the Old Style of the 1920's/30's, this New Bracelet Features one Natural Turquoise stone with amber matrix, set in a Stunning Hand Made Sand Cast bracelet. **This is a Stunning Sand Cast Bracelet for your Native American Jewelry Collection!

Specifics & Measurements-

Bracelet Face Measures- 1 1/8 inches tall

Bracelet INNER CUFF Measures- 5 1/8th inches wide, with a 1 1/8 inch space for a total of 6 1/4 inches (Will fit a Small wrist)

Size- Small

Sterling Silver

Weighs- 38.1 Grams

Stone- Natural Kingman Turquoise

SIGNED- by Navajo Silversmith - Harrison Bitsue


 Bracelet Size Chart-

5- 6 inch wrist= XSmall

6- 6 1/2 inch wrist= Small

6 1/2- 7 inch wrist= Medium

7- 8 inch wrist= Large

8+ inch = XL

**We know that shopping for bracelet cuffs that fit correctly can be daunting. Take a flexible measuring tape and measure your wrist snugly. Bracelet cuffs should not be too large or floppy on your wrist.