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Bea Johnson "White Wolf" Carico Lake Pendent

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Hand Made by  Navajo Silversmith, BEA JOHNSON.
We are more than GIDDY to have found these incredible butterfly, dragonfly, and creatures set with NATURAL Carico Lake Turquoise by Navajo Silversmith, Bea Johnson. We love the OLD STYLE of the 1940's stamp work she pressed into each one of these incredible creatures. Solid Sterling Silver, they can be worn as a necklace pendant OR a brooch.

 *Navajo Pearls Available, sold Separately.


 Specifics and Measurements-

Pendant Measures -  2 1/4 inches tall, (Including Bail)  and 1 3/8 inches wide.  (*bail can accomodate large beads up to 6mm) *Navajo Pearls available, sold seperately.

Sterling Silver

Necklace Pendant Weighs- 20 Grams

Stone- Natural CARICO LAKE Turquoise

Signed- by Navajo Silversmith- Bea Johnson

Ceremonial Necklace  - Traditional Revival