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Aaron Toadlena Waterweb Kingman Turquoise Cuff

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 Aaron Toadlena, is a Highly Collected Master Navajo Silversmith. Aaron has been silversmithing for decades now, and has won numerous awards and has been featured several times in the "Oprah" magazine. Aarons work is also often featured in the "Cowboys & Indians Magazine" as well.

This choice cuff, was carefully handmade in the old style of the 1920's/30's, Crowned with a cluster of STUNNING Natural KINGMAN Waterweb Turquoise stones, with dramatic silver work and appliqued silver drops. This is a high-quality, Heavy Cuff. This is NOT an el-cheapo, mass produced piece but has been lovingly made by an outstanding (AWARD WINNING) Artist!!  A fine piece for your Native American jewelry Collection! SIGNED.

Specifics & Measurements-

Bracelet Face Measures- 1 7/8 inch wide

Bracelet inner cuff measures- 5 3/4 inches with a 1 1/16th inch space, for a total of 6 3/4 inches (Will fit an SMALL to Medium Wrist)

Size- SMALL to Medium

Sterling Silver

Weighs- 79.4 Grams!

Stone- Natural Gem Grade Waterweb KINGMAN Turquoise

Signed- by Navajo Silversmith Aaron Toadlena

Bracelet- Traditional Revival

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