Authentic. Handmade. Native American Jewelry. est 1964

About Us

We are Third Generation Native American Arts and Antiques Traders! Our Family has been in the Native American Arts and Antiques business for over 45 years, and our jewelry is the REAL Deal. View the Finest Quality Navajo & Zuni Turquoise & Coral Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Belts, Earrings, Charm Bracelets!!
By sourcing our jewelry directly from our Artists and Silversmiths, we ensure Quality, Authenticity and Value. We hand select many of our natural stones to be given to our silversmiths.

Our Artists and Silversmiths are the finest Native American Silversmiths in the world. They use hand-selected Natural, American Stones, and heavy gauge Sterling Silver, and occasionally Gold. Our artists proudly provide for their families. They do NOT mass produce anything. Each piece of jewelry is individually HAND MADE, with great skill, love, creativity and a proud Native American spirit. In order to develop their highly advanced skills, our artists spend years as Apprentices to their Fathers/Mothers/Uncles/Aunts and Elders. No, this jewelry is NOT cheap. It does not come to us cheaply, and we do not offend our silversmiths by trying to get a cheaper price from them after their labors. Authentic Native American jewelry is very valuable, and highly collected all over the world. Contact us at 1-775-301-0099