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Tsosie White 5 Strand Navajo Pearl and Bead Necklace

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At the HEART of every Navajo woman's wardrobe, are her "Navajo Pearls". These are usually handmade & hand strung beads that have been passed down for generations. The deeper the silver patina, generally the older and more beloved the beads.

This necklace is HEAVY, THICK and CHUNKY and is entirely hand beaded. The necklace features FIVE strands of 4-6mm beads, Green pearls, Green Citrine and picture stone. interspersed with FRESH WATER PEARLS

We LOVE the drama of these antiqued sterling beads, and the fact that you can pair them with a Cardigan/Skirt or wear them with jeans/boots! These beads are strung on heavy sterling foxtail, and are very secure. You may be surprised how often you reach for them, as you can layer them with other Native American necklace pendants- and wear them every day!  This Sterling Silver necklace, is LONG, THICK and Heavy ! 

Specifics & Measurements-

Necklace Measures a total of - 30 1/2 inches (Beads are 6-8mm)

Sterling Silver

Weighs- 140 Grams

Artist- Navajo - Tsosie White

Necklace-Beads + Green Citrine- Fresh Water pearls